Recent accounts of pre-reflective self-experience increasingly converge on the view that every conscious experience involves a "minimal" sense of self. However, there are divergent accounts of what the minimal self consists of and how it relates to experience of a shared world. The goals of this workshop are to foster dialogue between the various positions, identify and clarify points of disagreement, and assess the relative plausibility of conflicting claims about the nature of minimal self. The workshop will place a particular emphasis on contrasting views concerning the place of interpersonal and social experience.

Invited speakers: Thomas Fuchs; Marie Guillot; Martine Nida-Rümelin; Galen Strawson; Dan Zahavi.

Organisation: Christoph Durt; Oliver Lukitsch; Matthew Ratcliffe; Philipp Schmidt.

Free attendance. Please register by sending an email to minimalself@univie.ac.at.